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01-01-2013, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
You guys seem to be under the impression hockey has nothing to do with luck. It's probably as accurate to the real thing as I've seen.

yeeeaaah lots of people say this but it really isn't true.

i've been stonewalled on 40 shots by marty turco, and then my hasek or sotw lehtonen can't stop a backhand from the point with no screen. or will refuse to cover the puck and it gets pokechecked in. or instead of freezing the puck will do the automatic animation of sweeping the puck behind the net (does this ever work out in anyone's favor? almost every time the goalie does this it turns into a giveaway or good scoring chance for the opposition), or the guy will do nothing but wrap and slaps or short side snipes.

it isn't realistic at all. i've played guys ranked in the top 100 and some of them do nothing but wrap and slap or the backhand forehand shortside snipe. i have played people who literally do not take a single shot from the point the whole game, the whole game is spent working the puck into the exploit goal areas. it is absolutely absurd. and then people say things like "dur hur play better defense." when in reality it is almost impossible to defend against things like the wrap and slap -- even if you stop 95% of their attempts, if they are able to try the move 6 teams they will probably score 2-3 goals.

it is just a shame that with all of the improvements they made to this game, the coaching strategies, etc., that there seem to be more blatantly exploitable glitch goals than any year since 08 or 09 or whatever year it was where people did absolutely nothing but cross crease slap passes.

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