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01-01-2013, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by JaredCowenFan View Post
Well, my anger got the best of me. And the fact that I havn't got much sleep do to these WJ's. I was doing swimmingly up to the 3rd round of the Amateur playoffs then I flipped when Hasek wouldn't cover the puck up and i'm saying it out loud "COVER THE PUCK" and then the puck is poked in as I knew would happen. And I smash my controller, lol. Well now to buy a new one, lol.
HAHAHA don't feel bad... I have no anger management issues in my life aside from NHL13 HUT. My L2 button had been acting up, and I was playing through it. It started getting pretty bad and messing with my play to a point it could mess up huge chances for me, and I was planning on visiting Best Buy or something to buy a new one and return my old one in it or something. BUT I waited too long and I had a breakaway in OT with Zetterberg (C) and right as I was about to deke, I started rotating (L2 was sticking) and I borked the shot, he got a nice 2 line pass up to a forward and got a breakaway of his own and scored... and I smashed the **** out of my controller. LOL

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