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Originally Posted by Puckclektr View Post
If you are not from toronto how would you know who are fans of what team, without getting to know people. are you judging by hats people wear
When people say Toronto is a leaf town I laugh. Yes there are obviously lots I leaf fans here as it is torontos team. But more than half of the TRUE hockry fans I know are non leaf fans. Toronto is an NHL town. Not a leaf town. That is why we need another team as the leafs are hated more in their own city than they are in every other city aside from Montreal.
Go to a flyers game or bruins game and tell me how many fans of opposing teams are at the game. How many hockey fans in Philly or Chicago hate the flyers or hawks.
Come to Toronto an get to know the hockry fans and you will know that the leafs are probably hated more than they are loved, by true hockry fans. Not the casual fan who doesn't follow them unless they are in the playoffs....true fans.
If the Leafs have success, see them all of sudden come out...hugely.
Some will be fairweather, but a lot of true fans, who decided not
to subject the,selves to jokes, or realize the team, just isn't worth cheering for at the moment.

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