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01-01-2013, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
If it isn't possible to defend then surely you could reciprocate and try the same thing?

And sorry, I have not had those same problems. Some people go for glitch goals but you are never going to get rid of that mentality. Learn to overcome it instead of acting like such a victim.
do you think before you type? or are you one of those people who prides themselves on being a shortsighted bully? these are flaws which could easily be fixed by patches (they already had to patch their much hyped new skating mechanics because of how exploitable it was...) however EA doesn't seem to put the effort into tweaking the NHL series as it does FIFA or Madden.

i'm not acting like a victim at all. i am a consumer who has spent a lot of money on a product and i would like to see it improved. my team is ranked in the top 250 on HUT for x box 360. i am not an idiot who doesn't know how to play defense and i am more than capable of beating all star teams with my B lineup. but to your point, you get rid of that mentality by getting rid of glitch goals. if there were unstoppable plays on madden or if it was discovered that a corner kick in fifa could be exploited to be an almost sure goal, you can bet your ass it would be patched ASAP.

i could try to score glitch goals too, but i would much rather try to play real hockey. i don't enjoy playing the game trying the same 3 glitch goals over and over and over. i like to set up in the offensive zone, work the puck, isolate players, set screens and deflections, etc. really, if you like the game of hockey and want to play a good sim, you should be upset that EA still isn't capable of delivering a product full of easily exploitable glitches.

the fact they allow the yakupov glitch card to continue to exist when it is capable of restarting online ranked matches at any point in the game speaks volumes about how much EA really cares about the HUT community. it's a bummer.

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