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01-01-2013, 09:24 PM
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The main takeaway for me reading all these Gally / WJC threads is that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.
I did not watch much of the Slovakia game but I did watch all of the others and I think Gally was really effective in each of the first 3 games if unspectacular. His decision making was good and he was able to get the puck to where he wanted it to go more often than not. He was great along the boards too.
I will admit that he has not been dynamic though and the one big problem I have seen is that he is deferring to his teammates a little too much (which has often been stated are not up to his level).
To me, some of the criticism is way over the top, particularlyr compared to what other name players are doing (both in play and in stats)

But further to my point, I must be taking crazy pills because I have not been overly impressed with Jacob Trouba up to now. He has played rough and has scored 4 goals, but his decision making has been suspect, he has not played awesome in his own zone and he has not really started many plays that have lead to offensive chances, at least in the first 3 games.

But to further my point even more, has anyone truly been dynamic in this tournament?
I mean RNH has put up a lot of points, but I don't think he's really dominated as a Jordan Eberle or a John Tavares has done in the past. Yakupov has been a lot of flash, little dash. Griggs, meh.
I have not seen anyone on the other side however...
But overall, not very many performances to remember IMO.

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