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01-01-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
There is not a sellout discrepancy between the have and have nots. There's is a REVENUE discrepancy. Having 100 tickets for every home game for 10 bucks leaves money on the table. The McDonalds family four play ( 4 tickets and food for a hundred bucks) leaves money on the table.

The leafs are decidedly not screwing their fans, they could increase ticket prices 10% across the board and the market would still have insatiable demand. Could the press survive under Toronto's prices, no. But by literally giving away the tickets ( and being near the roof for capacity) if you don't raise tickets or other ways to maximize revenues, how do you propose to shorten the gap? Ask the leafs to dramatically reduce tickets despite ever increasing demand in order to allow weaker markets to be more proportionally competitive? In what type of enterprise is this not lunacy?
So every team should charge those prices and try to pocket 30 million a year? Preds ownership is not trying to make tons of money. Maybe the Leafs should lower there prices 10% every year until the make the playoffs again.

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