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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Gnashville, don't you ever get tired of arguing pretty much the same points over and over again, in one thread after another? It's clear that some people on here will look for every opportunity or arguing they can come up with the bash certain franchises. It's like it's their primary goal in life or at least their primary goal on these boards. Being a fan of one of those teams being regularly bashed, it must get awfully annoying.
So saying that non traditional markets undervalue their tickets is bashing them but suggesting that the habs and leafs are screwing their fans by, god forbid, charging market value is a matter of civic responsibility?

I'm not bashing fans, this isn't a contest about who has the better fans. This is talking about the viability of markets. If your market had troubles and someone points it out, that not bashing. If your position is that you expect the have markets to subsidies the weaker markets in perpetuity , often to their own detriment, you might actually anticipate some resistance.

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