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01-01-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
So saying that non traditional markets undervalue their tickets is bashing them but suggesting that the habs and leafs are screwing their fans by, god forbid, charging market value is a matter of civic responsibility?

I'm not bashing fans, this isn't a contest about who has the better fans. This is talking about the viability of markets. If your market had troubles and someone points it out, that not bashing. If your position is that you expect the have markets to subsidies the weaker markets in perpetuity , often to their own detriment, you might actually anticipate some resistance.
I'm saying that it's part of "growing the game", to use the well-used refrain. And if people would care to look on the positive side rather than just looking for whatever negative they can find, they'd also see that the Nashville fanbase has been growing. And if there have been some 'minor' setbacks, do any of you ever consider that the general state of the economy can also be a factor, especially in markets that aren't yet fully developed. Now does that mean that the NHL should run away and abandon those markets? Not in my perspective, in which I'm looking at the future of the game, and not simply being conservative and looking backwards and comparing developing markets like Nashville with long-established NHL markets.

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