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Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
He may have been incompetent when it came believing that his own chiropractic methods were helpful. The guy had an almost unhuman pain threshold himself, but perhaps didn't realize that everyone else may not be able to endure what he did?

Quote from Bill White in Brian Kilrea's book:

"Eddie thought he was some sort of chiropractor. He always wanted to crack your neck or back. He messed up Barclay Plager's back one time. Barclay had to go to a real chiropractor to get it straightened out again.

One day he says 'Get on the table, I'm going to crack your back.' Well there was no way I was getting on that table!

The next day he took me out of the lineup. The trainer told me 'He'll put you back in if you let him crack it'. So I did. He cracked me, twisted my hips and contorted me all sorts of ways. I had to have a spinal fusion years later. I blame Shore for that!"
Thanks for the quotes. Shore does seem to have been a bit out there in his methods.

But regarding the original point, neither White nor Plager's career was ended by Shore. Both went on to successful NHL careers. Even in Don Cherry's colourful stories and film there are no specific players named who had their careers ended on Shore's table.

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