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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
I'm saying that it's part of "growing the game", to use the well-used refrain. And if people would care to look on the positive side rather than just looking for whatever negative they can find, they'd also see that the Nashville fanbase has been growing. And if there have been some 'minor' setbacks, do any of you ever consider that the general state of the economy can also be a factor, especially in markets that aren't yet fully developed. Now does that mean that the NHL should run away and abandon those markets? Not in my perspective, in which I'm looking at the future of the game, and not simply being conservative and looking backwards and comparing developing markets like Nashville with long-established NHL markets.
What was the implicit reason to grow the game ? To get that NBA like lucrative contract. How's that going? What if that contract never comes? The TV networks ( the ones paying for these great TV deals) have already shown that they could care less about showing these new market teams. Its going to be north east teams, Detroit, Chicago and the pens because that's what pays the bills.

There is nothing wrong with trying to grow the game, there is something very wrong with simply throwing more money at a poor decision in order to save face. That's not bashing anyone, its simple economics.

Yes the economy is bad, its bad everywhere but the rags and flyers do OK. There will as always be rationalizations for why things did not go as planned. How many can people invoke before they have to wonder whether the business could prosper even if it were perfectly run.

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