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01-01-2013, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs71 View Post
If the lockout is ending, I'm excited to see the movement around the league and with the Avs. Especially if a defenceman from Lake Erie pushes out a defenceman on a 1 way contract.
At this point I wouldn't even consider this an if, I'd say its a gurantee. The way Barrie has been playing all year, and the way Elliott has really started to improve over the last couple of weeks, one if not both should make opening roster IMO.

If we see just Barrie make the opening roster, then I think we'll see Obyrne(Sadly) get shipped out along with maybe a 3rd for another 1st? We don't need any forward help for now at least, and another 1st in a draft looking this deep would be excellent.

Im most excited too see what the teams like Boston, Minnesota, Vancouver all do if the Cap for next year is indeed lowered to say 60M. They would have to shed a lot of salary, and could potentially lose some very good players to free agency or trade. Snagging an Edler or Horton or even a Timmonen would do wonders for this team. And we should have the cap space to pitch decent offers too a good player in the offseason. At a 60M Cap, and assuming we sign Oreilly to say 4M and let Kobasew walk, we would have approx. 53M spent, so roughly 7M left over. A lot of fun could be had with that 7M.

Originally Posted by Holyhell View Post
If there is such a clause that says each NHL team gets one 'free' buyout, who do you guys think the Avs will use it on, if anyone? I don't think you can buyout, then re-sign either.

I'm guessing no-one. But if someone goes, it's gotta be a defenseman.
As you said, I highly doubt we buy out anyone, but if we did, my 2 guesses would be Hejda or Kobasew. Hejda certainly hasn't played terrible, but I don't think he quite played like we had hoped, and he might be overpaid by 1-1.25M, which isn't a huge deal, but its something. Kobasew just hasn't been good at all, but he only has 1 year left anyway so I highly doubt he get bought out. After that we really don't have a bad contract in the organization.

People said for so long that the Avs were playing with an eternal budget, and that management should be going out and spending money, now everyone should start to realize just how smart Greg from accounting has been. Were going to be one of very few teams that will be under the cap and actually have room to spend with a 60M cap hit, compared to the last lockout when we were ripped apart by it.

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