Thread: EHM 07 - Part 9
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01-01-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by smetana View Post
I didn't look at his screenshot before responding. Yup, got to unzip.

On a sidenote: Does anybody know what causes some versions of EHM to not offer the database popup at game start? Very strange. My installation is also in the small minority that cannot use Archi's custom start patch at the BlueLine. I have to supplement the patch with the ArtMoney offset method to move my start year. Just weird, as my game should theoretically be no different than anyone else's...
You got patch 3.0.4 and running the game as administrator ? Try what Farkas said. If it doesn't work, maybe a clean install with scrubbing the old data, like deleting the program folder, virtual store, appdata/roaming, and the save games.

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