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01-01-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by svartgul View Post

Sweden isn't as safe as you think, and Malmö is probably one the most dangerous cities in northern europe adjusted after population size /number of reported crimes. Although the Swedes calling the place a total dump and all that probably haven't been abroad or gone off-charter from whatever luxury trip they've taken.
The index you posted is based on a formula that churns out an estimate of crime levels; said estimates are in turn based mostly on the perception of criminality. By looking at the script they posted on the website, they don't seem to use any actual data collected by law enforcement departments.

It isn't necessarily a horrible way to estimate crime since for various reasons, comparing raw data between countries is mostly useless. But it's still pretty poor because it simply measures what people believe about crime levels and their feeling of safety. Unfortunately the website does not provide a source from which they drew the inputs for the formula so the reliability is even lower.

A Swede has a completely different perception of what is considered "safe"; so does an American; so does a Malaysian; so does a Brazilian and so on.

As a quick anecdote, Winnipeg is the "murder capital of Canada" with a homicide rate of 4.2 per 100,000. That's on par with the average in the United States which sits at the same number. Louisiana is the most "murderous" state with a rate of 11.8.

But that 11.8 is less than half of the homicide rate of Rio de Janeiro, which currently sits at 24.3. By the way, perception of safety in the city has drastically improved and people feel much more secure when walking the streets - after all, it's the lowest rate in 21 years.

It's all in our heads.

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