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01-01-2013, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by That View Post
Supposed lack of consistency? He's definitely been inconsistent. He'll have a great shift and then be invisible for the next few.

I think that I have unrealistic expectations. I certainly would not consider a point-per-game pace and a consistent effort unrealistic. Sure, he's been producing more than I expected him too, but the consistent effort has not been there. In Sarnia he's a very consistent player who plays hard every shift. That has not been the case this tournament.

I'm done responding to posts like these. I've lost count of how many posts that I have made explaining literally the same thing over and over again. I don't like the way he's played this tournament. Some may, but it's NOT the way Galchenyuk plays. Whitesnake's last couple posts sum up how I feel on the remaining subjects quite nicely.
You have the right to be entitled to your own opinion That. I agree with you and Whitesnake that he could be doing better. Yes the situation is far from ideal for him. But I think he can give more. He knows it too. Which is a great thing.

Some are satisfied with his play, but I wouldn't be honest to say I was. It's not always about the score sheet. All in all, it comes down to that, but when you get to the NHL, it's with your overall play that you get ice-time, scoring will help, but if you score and keep turning the puck over, you won't get up in the lineup.

Galchenyuk can be better than that, and as WS pointed out, the tournament is far from over, now is the time to rise, Alex!

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