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Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
And for those that have NO FLIPPIN idea what the bleep this is and what it's for and how to be a part and where to start and where to end and what it all means... A detailed explanation would be so thoughtful.
EHM 07 is a game called Eastside Hockey Manager 2007. From time to time, in lieu of running a full game where everyone is a GM because its a massive amount of work we do a Be A Player Game because all the guy in charge has to do is enter in all the players and keep track.

Basically you fill in all the blanks that BGM posted with either your own or fake info, then use the 115 points he's given us to fill out all of the attributes, on a scale from 1 is **** to 20 is Wayne Gretzky can suck my tailpipe. Then the random potential draw gives an idea of how high and how fast a players ratings can increase over a season. The type of stats you choose to increase change whether your player is a grinder, a scorer, a playmaker, a shutdown forward or defender, etc. At the end of every season we all are given extra points based on how our players perform so we can boost their play next year.

Once the game starts BGM will post periodic updates about the status of our players in the style of a news blurb. It's all very low work on the part of everyone except BGM sinces he's running it. Really just a lot of trash talk. But man it's fun. Like D&D for us HFBoarders.

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