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01-02-2013, 12:37 AM
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*Shemusfan walks into his dark office only to be cornered by a pair of glowing eyes. BFC locks the door and forces SF to the corner of the office. He pulls a cup out of his tights*

You are making me angry. You are forcing me to rage and grow. To become better. To become meaner.

*SF spits in BFC's face but BFC ignores it. He snarls and continues even as the spit rolls into his mouth*

I hope you become better. I hope you force me to become the better predator. Rhyno or what ever the hell he calls himself, won't protect you. I can get to you any, time, I, want.

*Leans in. Mask inches from SF's face.*

If you don't learn your lesson, or you don't grow, I will break your bones to drink your marrow. I will feast on your flesh. But I give you credit. Small, minuscule credit. You sent an animal to try and stop an animal. Understandable. But. I will rip Rhyno's horn off and make it my decoration.

*BFC licks the back of his hand like a cat would, then uses it to ***** slap SF and Cat Scratch Fever him into the floor*

Don't make me hate you. I like to play with my food, not hate it.

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