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Riley Hern

YearW-LGA RankMarginsGF RankMarginsAll-Star Teams
19029-52/3-4 behind PAC2/3-3 behind PAC1st Team
19031-104/4-53 behind Bankers4/4-39 behind Bankers
Goes from being named the best goalie in the league during his first season to awful numbers in his second season as the Keystones sag to last place in the league and eventually fold in 1904 after Hern moves on.

Hern also played in a 5 game exhibition at the end of the 1902 season. I believe it was against other American teams, which probably wasn't the strongest level of competition at this time.

YearW-LGA RankMarginsGF RankMarginsAll-Star Teams
190515-7-23/5-6 behind Calumet2/5-33 behind Calumet1st Team
190615-52/5-13 behind Michigan Soo3/5-21 behind Michigan Soo2nd Team
Houghton-Portage played 4 more games in 1906 which LoH doesn't give Hern credit for. I would assume this means a backup played and they went 4-0.

Hern also had a great year statistically in 1904, but it was during a series of exhibitions as Houghton-Portage had a great team with paid pros, but no league to accept them.
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In 1903–04, the professional Houghton team, without a league of its own, played exhibition games against teams from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Michigan prompting the OHA to ban both the American Soo Indians and Canadian Sault Hockey Club from competing against Canadian amateur teams. As a result, the two teams had nowhere to go but to the proposed professional league.
YearW-LGAA RankGA RankMarginsGF RankMargins
190710-01/71/6+15 ahead of LeSueur (OTT)1/6+4 over Vics
19088-22/73/6-3 behind Nicholson (Shamrocks)4/6-23 behind Ottawa
19099-31/41/4+2 ahead of LeSueur (OTT)2/4-35 behind Ottawa

YearW-LGAA RankGA RankMarginsGF RankMargins
191011-11/81/7+13 ahead of Lindsay (Renfrew)2/7-5 behind Ottawa
19117-93/53/5-26 behind Vezina (Canadiens)3/5-49 behind Ottawa

Stanley Cup
YearSeries W-LW-LGF-GA

Beat New Glasgow Cubs (Maritime Professional HL) 17-5 in two game series in December 1906
GRiley Hern*Dutchy Morrison
PWilliam StrachanJames Musick / J. McDonald (2)
CPRod Kennedy (1)McMillan / P. McDonald
RLester Patrick* (6)Jack Marks (2) / Billy Lannon
CPud Glass (5)J. McDonald (2) / Williams
LWMoose Johnson* (2)Williams / Murphy (1)
RWErnie Russell* (3) / Cecil BlachfordBilly Lannon / James Musick

Lost to Kenora Thistles (Manitoba Professional HL) 8-12 in two games series in January 1907
GRiley Hern*Eddie Giroux
PRod KennedyW. Strachan / Art Ross*
CPHod Stuart*Si Griffis*
RLester Patrick* (3)Tom Hooper* (3)
CErnie Russell* (4)Billy McGimsie* (1)
LWPud GlassRoxy Beaudro (1)
RWMoose Johnson*Tommy Phillips* (7)
SubJack Marshall (1)

Beat Kenora Thistles (Manitoba Professional HL) 12-8 in two games series in March 1907
PL. Patrick*(1)T. Hooper* / Beaudro (1)
CPH. Stuart*Griffis* (1)
RGlass (3)Rat Westwick*
CRussell* (5)Fred Whitcroft* (2)
LWBlachfordAlf Smith* (2)
RWJohnson* (3)Tommy Phillips* (2)
Kenora used Alf Smith and Rat Westwick as ringers during this series despite the orders of Stanley Cup trustee Foran

Beat Ottawa Vics (FAHL) 22-4 in two game series in January 1908
GHern*Billy Hague
PArt Ross* (3)Charles Ross
CPT. Hooper*Milne / Jack Ryan
RGlass (4)Eddie Roberts (1) / Eddie Gerard*
CE. Russell* (10)Young / Manson (1)
LWWalter Smail / Blachford (1)Harrison (1)
RWM. Johnson* (4)Fraser (1)

Beat Winnipeg Maple Leafs (Manitoba Professional HL) 20-8 in two games series in March 1908
PositionWanderersMaple Leafs
GHern*Jack Winchester
PRoss* (1)Grindy Forrester
CPSmail (3)Barney Holden
RGlass (1)Hamby Shore (2)
CBruce Stuart* (6)Lorne Campbell
LWBlachford (3)Kennedy (4)
RWM. Johnson* (6)Fred Lake (2)

Beat Toronto Trolley Leaguers (OPHL) 6-4 in single game series in March 1908
PositionWanderersTrolley Leaguers
GHern*Chuck Tyner
PRoss*Con Corbeau
CPSmailRowley Young (1)
RGlass (2)Bert Morrison
CE. Russell* (1)Newsy Lalonde* (2)
LWBlachford (1)Bruce Ridpath (1)
RWM. Johnson* (1)Wally Mercer
Sub B. Stuart* (1)Jack Marks

Beat Edmonton HC (AAHA) 13-10 in two game series in December 1908
GHern*Bert Lindsay
PRoss*L. Patrick* (1)
CPSmail (1)Didier Pitre*
RGlass (5)Fred Whitcroft* (2)
CHarry Smith (6)Steve Vair (1) / Harold Deeton (3)
LWM. Johnson* (1)Tommy Phillips* (1) / Hay Millar (2)
RWJimmy Gardner*Harold McNamara / Steve Vair

Beat Berlin Dutchmen (OPHL) 7-3 in single game series in March 1910
PJack Marshall*J. Seibert (1)
CPM. Johnson*Harvey Corbeau (1)
RGlass E. Edmunds
CE. Russell* (4)Ezra Dumart
LWHarry Hyland* (3)Roy Anderson
RWJimmy Gardner* Oren Frood (1)

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