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Size matters (see Ryback). That's what's holding Ziggler back, that's what has and will hold Ambrose back, that's what will limit Daniel Bryan, and so on and so forth. Much of this new generation is just too vanilla. You wanna be a big star in this business, get huge.

Didn't think this was a minority opinion, but if so, Taker is awesome. One of the best of all-time, and the greatest character of all-time. That entrance is epic. And the streak should never end.

Scott Hall (while very popular) was still very underrated. One of the all-time greats IMO.

The NWO invasion angle was the greatest year or so of wrestling, ever.

CM Punk's overrated. A clear notch below Hogan, Flair, HHH, Rock, Austin, Taker, etc.

Believable characters and interesting storylines are far more important to me than ring work.

Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
Flair is still more entertaining than pretty much anyone in pro wrestling and as such belongs on TV if he wants to continue to do so.
Originally Posted by Canadienjet View Post
Ric Flair even at his age=more charamastic then 90% of the WWE roster.
Couldn't agree more. Loved his brief appearance a few weeks back. Who knows, maybe I'm too old for this stuff now so all I'll really like are the guys who were big back when I watched it more, but he has a presence/charisma that these new guys just don't have (to me at least).

Originally Posted by SheamusFan View Post
- Dean Ambrose isn't the greatest thing in the history of forever. He's great, don't get me wrong, but when people start revering everything he does, it's annoying.
Agreed. And to me he's not even great. Despite what many here would like to think, look matters, a lot. He's just not big/fit enough. You combine him and Reigns and you have a superstar. Reigns has the look which is well over half the battle, so I could see him reaching that status, but Ambrose will have a tougher road. Rollins does absolutely nothing for me. Mid-carder in my book.

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