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01-02-2013, 03:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
As for Strome, I think you're seeing in this tournament why he plays center and why he'll likely play center for the Islanders. It's where his game thrives. He's a passer, he likes to control the flow of the play, and likes to dictate where the offensive chances come from.

IMO, if he's played on the wing he'll be playing opposite his strengths. Strome's the kind of player best utilized when the offense goes through him. If he's moved to the wing, he'll be more of a secondary guy whose job it is to get open or to crash the net, rather than be the guy who carries the puck and sets up chances.

A good example of this is Mark Scheifele on the wing at the WJC, as opposed to Scheifele back in Barrie at center. He's more of a "crash the net, get open and wait for a pass from the center" type player at the WJC than he is in Barrie, where he handles the puck more and generally the offense goes through him. Granted, I think the transition is easier for a guy like Scheifele, because of his size and his ability to bang and crash the net. But I don't think you want Strome doing that.
But that's not really what Tavares' RW needs to be doing, especially since you already have the LW crashing the net. Just look at PAP, whose greatest value was his ability to enter the zone with the puck, and then ditribute the puck -- this is something that Strome should be able to far better than PAP was able to. In a lot of ways, Strome's offensive strengths are similar to PAP's, though with any luck, he should be better, more rounded player than PAP is. Personally, I think Strome would have phenomenal chemistry with Tavares. Good enough to warrant moving him to that spot permanently? That I can't say.

But in the end, I think the position he will play will depend a lot on the build of the team at the time and the style of play being utilized. For example, if we have someone who can play 2nd line C and Strome's the only person that can play first line RW, or if the team plays a more defensive system where the second line is more of an outscoring line than a scoring line, I think we could see Strome placed on Tavares' RW. Or he might get worked in early as a RW to lessen the defensive responsibilities so he can focus a little more on the offensive end, with the intention of shifting him back to center, like the Flyers did with Giroux. Personally, I suspect he'll see significant time at both positions.

I can see numerous possible scenarios where Strome ends up on Tavares' RW. Don't get me wrong, I also see numerous scenarios where he plays 2nd line C. However, since the team he spends the majority of his career with will likely look rather different than the current team, I don't think anyone can say with any degree of certainty what position he'll be at (not saying that's what you are doing, mind you).

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