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01-02-2013, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire View Post
After all of the nonsense from last season? Are they going to continue to officiate from the press box? It doesn't do the game one damn bit of good because the game will always be better manged by those people actually playing it.

Waaaaaay too many penalties.
Waaaaaay too many suspensions.
Waaaaaay too many people whining about "low scoring" like there is something inherently boring about a 0-0 hockey game.
Waaaaaay too many people crying about the "player safety" of multimillionaires. It's called hazard pay! If you want someone to be concerned about, how about coalminers or something? They've been doing dangerous work, many of them for generations, while being paid mostly crap wages. Perspective. Get some people.
You still wouldn't.

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