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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I would like to hear facts and proof of how Dinamo is part of the problem and ruining our hockey,not some vague statements,but actual facts.The buzz there was created with the national team was created just because there was no high quality hockey to watch ALL YEAR.
I could ask you the same about the crap you are spouting about Dinamo (and KHL/VHL/MHL/MHLB in general) helping our hockey reaching new heights? Where are the proof, man, where is it? About twenty five of our best players gets richer in undoubtly more competative environment and that's it. We like to think that KHL buzz attracts more kids to hockey, but again it's a vague assumption, as you put it, because Dinamo have not built a new rink anywhere where to train those "extra" kids. Unless you prove that before Dinamo our rinks in Riga were empty and now they are working in full capacity then again, we haven't gained sh** from Dinamo.

And for the proof from my side, I already said, we switched our full attention from our league to everything Dinamo, and subsequently did people giving money to our league. That's as solid proof as we I need.

Originally Posted by DrStrangelife View Post
That's irrelevant to Dinamo. The fact that players like Sprukts and M. Redlihs and some others were garbage during our last WC is their own lack of motivation and ONLY they should be blamed not Dinamo.

Dinamo might have distracted fans from our own league, but I don't see how that is relevant to our hockey development. KHL is what offers many of our players a chance to compete at a high professional level. The fact that our own league is garbage is once again irrelevant to Dinamo.
About not showing up, I meant fans (I see, now that there was a misleading sentence from my side). During last Olympic qualification tournament in Riga, I was sitting in an half-empty arena, there hardly is a more important tournament that can take place in Riga right? I fear that it will happen once more soon enough.

And again, as I said, there is a direct correlation between Dinamo taking away fans and our league hitting bottom of the barrel right now. Just for days ago spoke with a player (well a kid) which said that he really longs for the old times, because then kids breaking through had something to look up in every major hockey city, right now they have nothing (bar Liepaja and Riga).

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