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01-02-2013, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by pavel13 View Post
That's exactly my point. Why are you telling people that they are wasting their time? To you, learning about hockey history is a waste of time. To somebody else, it's fun and entertaining. To another somebody else, watching hockey is a waste of time and talking about hockey to strangers on a message board is an even bigger waste of time..
Well I guess I need to clarify that learning about all the players who have played for the Red Wings in the past (except for the obvious ones such as Howe, Lindsay, Delvecchio, etc.) is a waste of time to me. It should not be a requirement for someone to be a fan of a particular team to know stats and achievements of players who played before their parents were even born, let alone before that particular person was born.

Others are free to study and learn about players and events that has happened in history, they might find that interesting. I never said they shouldn't. These polls are also interesting to some degree to compare players of various eras to create a comprehensive ranking of top players throughout history. But the results will be skewed and inaccurate (IMO), since I am sure most people haven't even heard of, let alone seen a lot of the players on that list. So the results would (IMO) hold no value.

I'm just defending my position as a fan of this team saying that my views or opinions of current events surrounding the Wings (players, staff, results, etc.) should not be devalued because of my lack of knowledge about the history of the Wings.

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