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01-02-2013, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
About not showing up, I meant fans (I see, now that there was a misleading sentence from my side). During last Olympic qualification tournament in Riga, I was sitting in an half-empty arena, there hardly is a more important tournament that can take place in Riga right? I fear that it will happen once more soon enough.

And again, as I said, there is a direct correlation between Dinamo taking away fans and our league hitting bottom of the barrel right now. Just for days ago spoke with a player (well a kid) which said that he really longs for the old times, because then kids breaking through had something to look up in every major hockey city, right now they have nothing (bar Liepaja and Riga).
Your making absurd statements. I remember watching the qualifications at home and yes the arena was half-empty but how do you connect that with Dinamo??? Because of the qualifications DR had no games. At that time Dinamo couldn't distract anyone from anything. I am as shocked as you are, and if I were in Latvia at that time I most likely would have gone to some of the games, but Dinamo is completely irrelevant to this. I think the advertising was very poor right before the qualifications, but you shouldn't blame anyone besides fans themselves. In this case the sad truth is that our fans don't care for qualifications and we should accept it and not blame a league instead.

Fans weren't forced to watch Dinamo, they chose to watch Dinamo - why? - because there, they can watch high quality hockey. I wish we still had a good solid league within Latvia that could co-exist with Dinamo. But I definitely would oppose having just our own league with high number of fans watching it instead of no Dinamo.

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