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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I`m sorry ozo but is it Dinamo`s task to bulid new arenas? Or maybe its the job of LHF and Lipmans who doesnt do **** for our hockey?****ing greedy ******* he can go to hell, unless he gets replaced theres no way things are getting better.
You missed my point. I'm saying Dinamo isn't enlarging our talant pool by attracting more kids to hockey, because it's physically impossible without building more rinks.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
And again ozo i will answer you the question about fans not comming to some NT games(which mostly are exhibition games) People now are used to high quality hockey,in the previous years there was only our mediocre LAC to watch so ofcourse there was alot more interest to NT than now.That interest was created because there was no quality hockey,dont you understand?
Again you missed the point. Never doubted that KHL is better hockey to watch, still it killed our local league, that's it.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
And how can you say for example that development system khl-mhl-mhlb is not working? How? Its only 5 years since khl was created and only 3 years since MHL has been created and even less since mhl-b was created,so you excpect quality players pop up suddenly out of nowhere in 5 years time? Lets get back to this conversation in 7-8 years,then we can talk.
Hell actually you know what there is one exapmple of KHL system working- Indrasis,if there was no mhl-khl system he`d playing in BOL or in some ukrainian league and he would be one of our best young players and among the best snipers in Dinamo
What tangible evidence you'll give me in 7 years? How on earth you'll show me that player become good only because of the MHL? It's impossible, all I see is our MHL D-line being ***** in WJC. Those couple of years in MHL certainly didn't turn Kr. Lipsbergs even in an average defender.

Calling Indrasis a MHL product is biggest stupidity of them all. We are all raving about Kuzmenkovs playing good in the weakest BOL tourney in years when Indrasis did even better in much more respectable Belarus championship even before he ever stepped on MHL ice. He was a pro long time ago before he wasted a couple of years in MHL, dominating from the day one.

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