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01-02-2013, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
talking value of Ballard with some canuck fans is a waste of time. For whatever reason some believe their number 6 d-man who plays under 14minutes of easy minutes a game (top 4 play all the tough minutes) has high value--only to them. His contract, him being a healthy scratch during their drive season and injured for most of last year has hurt his value to other teams fan bases and my sugestion is to either not engage in any topic of Ballard's value or just hit the ignore option for those posters who are doing the hard sell for him--my life has become a lot easier and stress free since I stopped trying to deal with their fan base and they have been nice enough to ignore me as well

Yet you are here, in a Lu thread (A Canuck player BTW) that has diverged into discussing Ballard's value..? Why? You have chosen to engage = hypocritical.

Is going from Grabner +1st to a 3rd rounder not a reduction in value? Where is the hard sell here that you speak of?

Misinformed and unable to evaluate the impact of environment on a players play. This is what I get from your post on Ballard. However, I am not surprised given your past posts about the Canucks and even your sig... It all adds up.

- Concussion = not concussed anymore, played well at the end of last year.
- Reduced minutes = playing behind Hamhuis and Edler, and being unable to switch to the right side.
- Low production = Doesn't get PP time, plays primarily with bottom6 Canuck depth that is utilized in a defensive first fashion. How's he going to rack up the points?
- Is a 6th dman = Based on what metric? Ability, minutes, or contribution? It's not the latter two, so someone is going to have to make a case that he has lost his ability to be the #1 he was on PHX and FLA. I'm all ears/eyes.

The charges have been well answered. Accept them or not at your own volition.

Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
Kuba signed 1st of july, I doubt he would get that deal right now.

So GMs could not predict that the cap would shrink at July 1st? These professionals that are paid to project/prognosticate could not even guess that the cap may somehow shrink in CBA talks, and that Kuba shouldn't get paid a 4m contract as result? Or, perhaps Tallon isn't a complete fool and he took into account both a cap increase/decrease when offering said contract to Kuba? I'm going with the latter, you can choose to believe the former. I guess I give GMs the benefit of the doubt.

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