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01-02-2013, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Hi-wayman View Post
Simple. Though HF fans have assumed Garrison will play RD, Gillis has indicated that the team expects Garrison to start as a LD. Unless Edler is not in the Canucks future plans due to money demands or lingering injury, the Canucks have Hamhuis, Edler, Garrison and Ballard as LD's and only Bieksa and Tanev as RD's

AV has shown he wants 3 RD's and 3 LD's, to the extent that AV played Rome over Ballard, who is a far better defenseman than Rome, primarily because Rome could play RD better than Ballard.

Either the Canucks play Tanev as RD on the 2nd pairing and find a rookie to play third pairing RD (Savard or Goloubef from Columbus?) or the Canucks trade for an experienced top four RD. Though Coburn is a left hand shot, he is very comfortable playing RD. He plays well enough that he could play RD on either the first or second pairing with either Hamhuis or Edler/Garrison. In order for this trade to work, the Canucks have to trade Ballard and his $4.2 million salary or Edler is not re-signed. Though HF fans knock Ballard, he is still a very good left side defenseman who would be a top four D on half the NHL teams so he is not just a thow in salary dump.

Until Schnieder learns to control his rebounds as well as Luongo, I prefer to have Luongo in net rather than Cory. If we can keep both great, but if not, I say we keep Luongo.
Coburn is a good idea, but unfornately he is Philly's #2 behind Timonen. I doubt they will be looking to trade him. They wanna add to what they have.

I wonder if the Caps struggle out the gate and don't look to be a playoff team, we could exchange some deal between Edler and Green. The Caps replace an offensive Dman with another but who most likely will command less than Green and produce similar numbers.

The Nucks go for a solid right side Dman who can move the puck and play the PP. a guy who has #1 potential still, but may be a tad expensive to re-sign. I would add to the deal as the Caps suggest.

I'd even look into a deal around say Schneider Edler Raymond for Green Nuvy and Ward. ?

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