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01-02-2013, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Galchy could have played for Russia? what is the story behind that...why didn't he? (some kind of training camp story?etc).

And, Galchy could have played for Belarus, right? no that Belarus is in the wJC this year, but just thought that Galchy had the right to play for them, no?

I think it would/could have been a lot more interesting to see Galchy play for Russia...since Housley is playing Galchy like he is Russian/Belarussian.

Housley is really ruining the enjoyment of the Galchy WJC experience.

Hopefully Housley will pull the loads of **** out of his *** and give Galchy more ice-time. This is becoming ridiculous.

Galchy is probably no.1 in the tournament for pts per minutes played. **** Housley. It does make me wish USA would lose since they're not giving any ice-time to Galchy (2nd in pts in tournament and this is the treatment he gets? **** Housley).
I'm not sure if Galchenyuk had already been given his International rights to the States, since he played for them at the U-18, or was it the Ivan-Hlinka. If it was the Hlinka, then it didn't count, since it's not an IIHF supported tournament I believe.

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