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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
In the time of LAC there were probably alot of good prospects not amounting to anything just because they lacked quality competition.
That's simply a wild speculation, which junior player outgrew LAČ and then ended career because of the lack of opportunities. Go and find one! I can easily build a case that playing against pro's at the age of 18 turned Indrašis into what he is today.

Strong Latvian league can easily substitute MHL and turn into something like VHL itself and if some player outgrows the league, then he can join Dinamo in the K. The time saved from not flying around Europe to play Poprads, Chisinau's and Voskresensks could be better used for training.

Anyway, we have moved really far away from the bottom line which is that a really decent (let's say as strong as Swiss NLB or Belarus from couple of years ago) local league is still possible. So that our most dominant forwards like Homjakovs, Golovkovs, Lipsbergs can taste some pro hockey early just like Swiss kids do, which schooled our team just a week ago. Also chance to play in fron of local town could persuade Egle's and Girgensons' of our hockey to stay in country for longer, so our U18 league doesn't get weaker year by year. Currently it's a pipe dream, LHF does nothing and I'm not even sure what can be done. Do Lipmans have the stones to forbid all our teams (maybe except Dinamo) to play abroad and somehow find those missing sponsors and revive hockey in Ogre, D-Pils? Build new rinks in Jurmala, Rezekne, **** anywhere.

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