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01-02-2013, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
So really what you're saying is, that doesn't mean anything. You were wrong about Gogo, and you have feelings about certain players, but that's based on the same feelings you were wrong about before.

But on another level, I get it: from the season right after Letang was drafted, his stock was at a level that no Penguin prospect has been at since. Some fans have imposed this idea on Morrow or others, but not really deservingly so. Nobody in our stable, outside of Harrington, is a sure bet. Certainly not Morrow or Maatta, whom we're not sure if the will project to be top-2 Dmen or bottom-2 Dmen.

Pouliot may not have reached "Letang"-like prospect status yet, but if you look at his numbers, he has improved in pretty much every area of his game and of his stats, even though his team isn't quite as potent as it was last year. All he has done is improve his stock, even earning an invite to the main camp after not getting invited in the summer (rare), and if the coach wasn't Steve Spott, he may well have been the #7 Dman instead of Murphy. What more do you want this player to do at this time?

Maatta has more holes in his game than Pouliot. If Pouliot was Finnish, he would be playing for his team in the WJCs. If Maatta was Canadian, he wouldn't have come close to making that team.
I don't know. Maatta has looked DAMN good every time I've seen him play, and that's been in the Memorial Cup, WJC pre-tournament against Canada and the US, and in the WJC. Maybe I place too much emphasis on important tournaments for junior-aged prospects. Maybe he has looked ordinary in the OHL this season (I doubt it). But Maatta is a guy who steps up his game, and I really love that.

I want to see Pouliot in the Mem Cup this season. I want to see a step-up. Until then, I have Maatta ahead of him.

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