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01-02-2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
The only reason we are still without our beloved sport is because bettman is a petulant whiny baby. I hate fehr but he is hardly an idiot. He knows how far he can go if the players want to play this year. I also think the owners have had this 48 game plan as the only one they wanted. The savings on travel alone will make sure they minimize many of their losses.
Originally Posted by RussellmaniaKW View Post
It makes sense from a financial standpoint as it means that more teams will get to benefit from the extra playoff revenue. I don't necessarily like what it means to the sport itself but it's a move I can definitely understand in a league where teams are losing money.
I'm confused.

The owners would benefit from a shorter schedule, yet they'd benefit from more playoff revenue?

Isn't it the owners who always push for a longer schedule? Isn't the reason the league has grown from 50 game seasons to 82 game seasons because the owners make more money when there are more games?

And, if in fact the owners did want a shorter schedule, wouldn't the players jump at it? Wouldn't they prefer fewer games as long as their salaries remain the same?

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