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01-02-2013, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
He was effective how? Because you say so?

I liked Dubinsky. It is pretty safe to say 95% of the fan base did/does. But he is highly overrated and overpaid. He demanded his raise and Sather gave it to him. Then he went out and played like a 3rd line player even though he's being paid like a 2nd liner. The guy works his tail off, he goes into the corner, goes to the front of the net, takes the body, plays a grind it out game. The game is not all about scoring but at the end of it the team with more goals wins, and he is getting paid as such to do so. All that cyclining in the corners can only go so far. Enough was enough. The team needed another threat besides gaborik that they know can step on the ice, skate the puck into the zone himself, and score rather than constantly dump and chase to try and wear the other team down because were the better conditioned team. Well over time when thats your go to game plan it wears your own team down. In the playoffs teams tighten up their defense. The Devils, Caps, and Sens all did. After the 1st line it was a very dump and chase team. Dubinsky was more of the same and was inconsistent.
First off, edit because I think you're challenging because you think I'm referring to past seasons to include the 11/12 season and I guess it can be read and inferred as that. I implied seasons prior to the last season.

First off, i was referring to highlights from past seasons as in seasons before last year which we can all assume needs no further detailing. I didn't say anything about an effective Dubinsky from the 11/12 season. If anything, I said what you're saying now about his let down performance in the 11/12 season. I said he was one of our most effective players in consistently creating offense and being effective, on or off the scoreboard before last season. Aside from Gaborik, Dubinsky was probably our 2nd or 3rd most dominant player in terms of being able to not only score goals and make plays but also cycle and grind in the offensive zone. Even when he was off the score board in the seasons before the 11/12 season, he would still be consistent with playing with an edge and making thing happen more so than a majority of our players in those seasons in terms of both consistently doing so and in terms of impact.

I didn't really get into the transitioning of game plan and obviously a higher calibre player than Dubinksy Backs a more durable and offensively potent game plan. I'm not much of a dubie fan, not as much as a lot of other people on HFNYR so I'm not arguing somr ludicrous point in favor of him. The disappearance of Dubinsky was a detriment and a huge let down because of what is expected from him. Having that said, before the 11/12 season, he was a solid all around player who was consistent with various aspects of play A majority of the time even when he's not producing on the scoresheet. That's all.

You asked me how he was effective and threw a rhetorical "because you say so?" Question to boot. How wasn't he effective in his seasons before 11/12?

Hell, he wasn't completely ineffective last season either. He still executed on certain aspects, scored some goals playing on a demoted line and without PP minutes. He wasn't a defensive liability or guilty of bad turn overs, penalties and lackluster efforts.

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