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01-02-2013, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
Easily. I remember first breaking the news three years ago about a new arena in Toronto and when it finally became public they said there was no interest in a 2nd team. However, think about this: The Leafs have 18,000 people on a wait list for season tickets. Over and above the price of the tickets is a $20,000 licensing fee that you pay once.

Now, I'm not going to even try and guess at how many would jump ship. But I know a lot of people in Southwestern Ontario that make the trip to Buffalo for NHL hockey simple because they cant get tickets for the Leafs.

And to me Quebec is much like Toronto, no brainers. Not to mention the deal with CBC expires after next season (I believe) and there is sure to be a huge bidding war between CBC and TSN (with CTV involved as both are owned by Bell). Not to mention the local deals with Toronto between Sportsnet and TSN. This is why Bell (TSN) and Rogers (Sportsnet) bought the Leafs. There's going to be big money thrown around and with more Canadian teams - even better.

As for Vegas, I don't know enough about the situation there to make an informed comment. Seattle makes a lot of sense because there's could be an instant rivalry with Vancouver. And Like Ontario fans do to Buffalo, British Columbia fans who can't get Canuck tickets will do the same for Seattle.
Would there be that many fans to jump ship in the toronto area? I see the maple leafs fans as a pretty loyal lot.. I still think another hockey market in canada would be better than the southwest/sun belt area. Quebec city as you said is a no-brainer. I'd just hope the bruins would play them right after they play the habs so bruins fans can do a trip from montreal-quebec city or vice versa.

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