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Originally Posted by Clarkson Falls Down View Post
Do you have evidence to back up your claim? I suspect you don't.

As for Cundiff it's 12 attempts. Too small of a sample size. Fact is that Harbaugh was too slow in remedying this problem. Cundiff is not a good solution, but something had to be done. Akers has already missed 2 huge FGs that would have given the team 2 more wins. And the way he is going, Akers is going to cost this team a playoff game. I guarantee it.

Not sure where you are going with your claim that Harbaugh will make enemies because he brought in a kicker to compete with one that is not getting the job done. The NFL is a results based business. If you can't make FGs, you don't deserve to have job security - regardless of your history. The team's goal is to win the Super Bowl this year, not to cater to the public's perception of the Niners and Harbaugh. News flash: Harbaugh doesn't care what you think. His job is to win games and has done that as good as anyone the past two seasons.
So the thing that had to be done was bring in the guy who is actually branded as a choker? It's a results-based business, and they brought in a guy who has worse results. It would be a bit different if they brought in someone like Kasay (who I assume is retired, but someone like him). The Redskins could have had a bye if he didn't blow so many kicks, that's one playoff win he's cost them already, in theory. With that said, if he works out, it wouldn't be the first time that a kicker who was cut mid-season for being awful, became very good for another team the same year. He should have made the change already if he was going to do it. I'm sure 49ers fans remember Trey Junkin.

As for my claims, it seemed pretty clear when Joe Staley (or someone) basically said he was going to keep his mouth shut about it.

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