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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
My soccer sponsorship + media + lease adds up to about 17 million. My weekly expenses are a little over 13 million, and if I add in loan payments I net about 13k of income a week. I'm building up my stadium to increase ticket revenue but am still far behind as I've also tried to keep up with facilities. I've been in I.1 for over 4 seasons now and finished 10th, 12th, 10th, and 10th. I was fortunate enough to finish in the top 3 in the Nat cup once but still have never qualified for an international tournament.

My issue isn't that the top teams are still better than me. I should still be the underdog everytime the Breathers visit The Beer Heaven, The Hole, Raleighwood, Arlington, or the Crater. That being said, I started 2 months after everyone else and after 2 1/2 years I'd think that the gap between you guys and me should be narrowing but its not, if anything its getting wider.

In the beginning I was able to climb from Tier III to becoming a to 10 team as I was either more active or a better manager (due to everything I learned here from you guys) than everyone else. But everyone is in I.1 because they know what they're doing, and I'll only move up if someone quits.

I can't make an international cup, Marshall can't crack the national team, and for any good U20 players I have I can find a better boilermaker, atomic, or high header at that position.

I love this game, but I can't ever see myself making up that half season head start.
Statistically I don't have a top of the top team, but your team is as good as mine right now. I'm a bit better with my best guys in there, but it's still close. Looking at the analysis, you play a lot of games on Low. Ever considered bumping that up? Obryantj always ends the season with his starters in the low 70's and they still perform. So I've decided to burn through a lot more energy this season in an attempt to keep up instead of trying to make a late season run.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
It isn't the half-season head start anymore. I was a top team in I.1 in season 1. Finished 2nd. Kenora Stingers was nowhere to be found. He pulls a franchise CF (who is even 5/6 @ 22) and that's history. Win after win after win means money in the bank and he buys better guys and before you know it it's way ahead of everyone. Canada's I.1 is a one-horse race and everyone started on the level. Much of what differentiates the top from the middle is luck... who gets the good pulls and when. Season 2 or 3 early in the season is prime time to pull a stud player as your facilities are starting to ripen up.

Just my 2 cents. But I still proclaim expenses are way too low for teams with facilities and stadium growing out of their ying-yang.
That's the biggest difference between the Atomics and Boilermakers. While I had Mids playing at forward for 3seasons, he's had Sandy Bragg banging in goals since early in season 1.

I didn't realize Canada was being dominated. That sucks.

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