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Originally Posted by LEAFS FAN 4 EVER View Post
Toronto moved to the Eastern Conference prior to the 1998-1999 season, 2 years before Columbus started playing. Part of the reason for their move is they wanted more games to be played against Montreal, however that was also the same year Nashville came into the league and they replaced Toronto in Central Division which made things easier.
The league realigned in 98 knowing Columbus was going to have a team, and that they were going to be in the central division in order to give Detroit at least some small amount of relief with another 7pm road game now and then.

Toronto had to move, because #1 they're Toronto, they're further east than Detroit, and the league hasn't wanted to have 1 Canadian or American team in a division for 30 years. They were forced to do it when the Rockies moved to NJ, but they eventually moved Winnipeg back to the Norris/Central.

I'm just saying that between Toronto and Columbus, one of those franchises could be successful with pretty much any alignment, and one needs a little help.

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