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01-02-2013, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by RussellmaniaKW View Post
Well I don't know why you're quoting 2 different posters as if it's one guy contradicting himself, but if we say for the sake of argument that the short season was orchestrated by the owners as a cost-cutting measure you have to realize that in doing so they have reduced the amount of salary they'll have to pay out (since the players won't get paid for a full season) and they've cut out the least profitable portion of the season where the NHL is competing with Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc. This plan would let non-profitable teams get a break from some of their expenses for the first half of the season and then attempt to come back strong and possibly get into the playoffs where it's almost guaranteed extra revenue (and the players don't get paid extra for the playoffs as far as i know, so operating costs are not drastically increased)
Didn't mean to suggest it was one person contradicting himself, but you clarified things nicely...thanks!

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