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12-11-2003, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by swinginutter
Kind of bummed on last night's loss, but we still got a point. But certain things have tripped me out with the mentality of this team.
I know i've talked about it a hundred times here. But our team softness in my eyes comes down from the coaching staff. Last night we should have sent a message that we didn't forget about the Sutton incident, and that it was no fluke thing. None of us here would even be talking about Allison if wasn't for that d*ckhead! And we should have pounded him all night. Better yet we should have pounded Kovalchuk.
Did anybody notice Avery last night? Where was he? I don't think I noticed him the whole game, and he's exactly the guy that should have pissed Kovalchuk off throughout the whole game. Can't blame him for his ice time or his match-up.
Line combinations? Another topic i've hit on forever. Does anyone ever notice that AM never changes his third line no matter who is on it. Beginning of the year Lappy - Belanger - Avery, now Frolov - Belanger - Klatt. The rest of the team your guess is as good as mine. Sorry guys John Sim doesn't belong on the second line with Stumpel, Straka, or Ziggy. I think he's playing well but c'mon! The Frolov line is doing well because of Frolov, I don't think it matters who he plays with. But AM always trys to spread the wealth, and it dillutes the talent. He tries to have four good scoring lines, but it's impossible with all the injuries we've endured. We would never have even heard of the LAPD line if it wasn't for Tippett. He was the first guy to inject that line when AM got in his accident.
Last our defensive corps, and Aaron Miller. Nobody here ever likes to talk about Miller, but right now in my eyes he's just another roster player and definitely not a 4 million dollar player. He does nothing, and he was supposedly gonna' bring some nastiness back to our D. He gets burned half of the time, and just rides players out. He came in his first game and was hitting everything, and I haven't seen it since. I know he plays against the other teams top players........i'm tired of that excuse! I'm still bummed about Schneider (over it, but still bummed), our D is so depleted anyways, I wouldn't have cared if I was DT or TL last season I still would have traded Miller over Schneider. Schneid's is third in team scoring in Detroit with a plus 11. And yeah, he also plays against the other team's top players also plays PP and SH. Right now we have two defenseman on this team, Matty (like always) and Lubo! After that it's scarce!
I'm glad we're playing well, but if this team just has the goal to get into the playoffs, than most likely it will be met. But what happens when this team gets into the playoffs. If we stay this soft we'll get abused! Just my opinions, hopefully they'll kick @ss tonight!

Good post swingnutter and I totally agree with you, however for a team that is getting at the very least a point a night , right now I have no problems with the lineups (although Straka and Palffy should be on the same line). As far as the defense goes, if our team plays like this for the remainder of the year...then I can't really see a deal being made until the trade deadline, where hopefully we can pick up a hardnosed d-man like Gauthier, or something like that. Anyways, thanks for the read and I am sensing a victory tonight!

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