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01-02-2013, 10:15 AM
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But not a trade proposal

I was thinking that the NHL needs something to make fans happy again and I had an idea. I am posting it here at the entirely non judgemental Flyers Board (hee, hee).

What if the NHL sold their 2013 draft positions to the highest bidders? Then they use the money that they got to give cash to eveyone going through the ticket takers.

If you got the Flyers to shell out $15,000,000 for the rights to an early pick, the Leafs , say 12,000,000, get the Rangers, Montreal, etc... all the big gun teams to pay out I bet you could get a $50,000,000 pool up. You don't think the Flyers wouldn't pay $15,000,000 to get a cost controlled Seth Jones for 5 years?

The money would then be divided up among the fans attending the games. I think putting a $5 bill in everyones hands who walks in the door (which will almost entirely be spent at the games) would be a great thank you to the people who stuck by the league. $5 seems like a pittance but it would be a great gesture, even better if the teams match it.

The money would create controversy - rich versus poor - sell tickets and create buzz that the sport has lost. It would also put stars in towns that support hockey which would create more interest and reward the best hockey towns. If a team does not wish to participate they just go into a general lottery for the non premium positions, but their fans would still get the cash.

It's a thought, flame it if you'd like.

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