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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
Remember what they said about Ebert? He was a cant miss prospect playing witth Waterloo Hawks in the USHL. He was playing at a higher level than the MM AAA Loop and was dominating in the USHL. He was a "man" amongst kids, had size and could skate>

Last time I checked he barely got drafted, and fell from "cant miss" to "bust" in less than 2 years.

All I am saying is that their is sometimes way too much about certain prospects because of unique situations.
I dont understand, we were talking about Kirwan and u started to put words in my mouth saying i said he was like Lindros and thats not what I had said. Now it goes to Sean Day not impressing and he is going to be the next Ebert? AFter that mock draft u made, uve become very pessimistic. Why dont u explain Marner at the #15 pick? LOL. U have seen Marner one time this year and u put him #15?

* Chewer your sitting on the fence. U have already said SEan Day didnt impress(Try and find another person who thinks that). Make the statement then, is he over-rated, is he the next Ebert? In April we can bring all this back. I think your way off Chew. Cheers.

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