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Originally Posted by MTaylorJ1 View Post
I'd actually make the argument that if you were looking to place teams in S. Ontario, Quebec City, and Seattle, that as a league you'd be best off moving the Coyotes to Seattle, because they're established, and have a better chance for immediate success, which when delving into a new market, is probably a good idea. Just have a feeling that S. Ontario and QC would stick with a struggling expansion team a bit longer.

In some ways I think the NHL missed their window with Seattle though. The NBA will be back in short order (which helps fulfill the arena requirement) and Seattle is one of the few American cities with which the MLS franchise can be considered a major team. A team in Seattle is competing with 4 other professional teams (Seahawks, NBA, Mariners, Sounders) plus UW for the entertainment dollar. Not the easiest of propositions if the team struggles at the start (like Columbus, Atlanta did)
Very good point. It would be interesting to see how they managed it but an established franchise in a non traditional market would no doubt be preferable. Is Seattle "non-traditional" enough for that to apply though? With just an NBA team they will get 120 million worth of city funding for the new arena. With an NHL and NBA team they'll get 200 million. An extra 80 million could provide a lot of motivation.

I know Las Vegas was clamoring for a major sports franchise as well, but there are no doubt quite a few other issues they'd neeed to consider. UNLV has a major sports complex project (60,000 seat capacity) further along in the planning stages that could see an MLS team there which may fulfill that requirement. Wouldn't be any good for hockey though. If that gets the go ahead I'd think that would cause major issues for any other such arena development in the city? Then there is the legalized gambling thing, not to mention the question of whether or not the city would even support the NHL. The ECHL Wranglers manage to average 5,000 a game though and NHL preseason games there tend to sell out so you never know.

Both Seattle and Las Vegas seem to already have NHL approved owners willing to take the plunge, so maybe that helps as well.

Or maybe we end up with the Las Vegas Coyotes and Seattle Oilers as well as two new teams in Toronto and Quebec...

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