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Originally Posted by Go Blaze View Post
Wow your Raider blood is blinding you.

Really?!?!! We must have been at two different tournaments then. No coach played their own more than PG. North coach Peca sat his Sr. and multi year allstar goalie Wintjes and played AURORA 94 goalie Entma in game 4. Aurora and Newmarket are arch enemies but how objective of Peca... he clearly unferstood the purpose of the tournament.

The french kids were good and deep, and they all played, goalies included. Clearly some were better than others but you saw them all...

PG was grossly biased compared to all the other coaches.

Robinson coaches left Martin in for 8 goals until he pulled himself. Munroe let in 2 goals in his game (both naked shooters) and never saw the net again. If playing to win is the primary purpose of this event then Robinson coaches didn't get the memo. They played them all were clearly not just at the rink for their own players.

PG told Munroe to be ready for game 4 after being told game 3 was z's. before Game 4 Munroe was told game 4 was Z's but "90% chance game 5 was his if we win". After game 4 Munroe was told there would be a "coaches meeting" and they'd let him know if he was playing. Before Game 5 they simply told him Z's playing.

Guess he left because PG was stringing him along. Be straight up and let the kid stay home if you aren't going to play him. All the players have better ways to spend the limited time off than to come to an event like that and be lied to / strung along. Simply ****** Bag coaching for a 'show case event'... Probably retaliation for Zawadski being yanked by SK in last years tourney.

If you recognize Keegan Harpers parents ask them what they think of the tournament...

Ben Dalpe left after 1st day for same reasons as Munroe and several other PLK players had 1 foot out the door all weekend. When Munroe was leaving Audi joked and asked him if he could come too. Ask Clitsome how his tourney went... you'll get a great answer.

I would strongly suggest the CCHL exec ask the non nepean / Ottawa players how they enjoyed the tournament.

Its not 'possible' some kids will pass on this next year, the ones I spoke with will tell the CCHL they will go home instead.

Go Kings GO

Every team ( and their coach) had their favs - I think you may have focused on the Yzerman squad too closely. For instance....

Robinson Division: (IM) played Pontarelli and Blasko incessantly and Colt F's on PP
Burrows: played Blanchette and big Nellis along with Lagarde
St. Louis: gave extra icetime to Arsenault and Dionne
OJ North: played Botten alot as well as Higley a good deal
East: extra icetime to Danforth and Matty Davis
South: Kalk and Capino
Etc. Etc....

Just saying - everyone did it. Not that it is right or that I agree with it.

I don't disagree with your post but note it is much easier to see when it is a goaltender and a coach isn't switching them game-to-game.

There would be unhappy forwards on every team. I'm sure McClaren (who lead the Robinson division in scoring) wasn't happy he had two short shifts in the final period of his last game. Ask him (I don't know the kid - just what I witnessed).

Don't like it...don't come back. I've heard this dance before. They always come back.

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