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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Kaberle getting moved would depend on his play as well as how the team is doing. Ideally though we'd flip a PMD for a big stay at home type as we have Markov Subban Kaberle Diaz Weber. Can't see Diaz as #7 the way he's playing in the Swiss league, will be interesting to see how the defense is managed. St Denis could be an option at #8, they may not want to lose him on wivers plus as #7-8 he can play LH and RH side.
I believe if Markov is 100% Kaberle is useless, he is a good PP qb, but he would be useless if Markov is healthy, that is why I think he would be moved later on.

In regards to Diaz, I really like him, but a Kaberle-Diaz pairing would be soft as butter. I think the teams wants a physically d-men on every pair, you would have one in Emelin playing with Markov, Subban and Gorges are both not big but play physical, and I know he is small, but probably one of the toughest pound for pound guys in the league in Bouillon to play with Kaberle. So I don't think Daiz can get in the lineup unless an injury or Kaberle is moved.

As for St Denis, I really like him, I wound't be surprised if Weber is moved prior to the season and have him as the 8th D-men, but simply no room right now.

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