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01-02-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Aside from working off the hyperbole of "astronomical price", this last paragraph is as dumb a reason to not pursue a fix as there is. Leafs being close to what? Winning a cup? This is a paradox: Don't make big moves until you get close, but then you aren't going to get close if you don't make big moves... So when is the right time?

This league is talent deficient. Less and less quality UFAs make it to July 1. Of those, the top end guys sign based on their own criteria - which TOR hasn't been able to meet. So what changes for TO? This team without a big move or two is going to remain consistently mediocre. Book it.

Bottom line, Burke would be an absolute idiot not to pursue Luongo. One of the worst GMing blunders I can possibly imagine over his entire tenure. Close to the asking price is relative. If he can get Luongo by giving up a 1st and Kadri as the main pieces, disregarding whatever else it would take to get "close", he would be daft not to do it. Period.
Burke is pursuing Luongo, he would only be an idiot if he paid what Gillis was asking. When is the right time to make a big move? Maybe once we develop young guys like Gardiner,Rielly and other 1st rounders....oh wait....we're giving those for Luongo....nevermind.

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