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01-02-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Reims View Post
Amen to that.

Can you do a Hainsey rant while you're at it here? The hate for a +9, solid, top 4 defenseman makes me question many people's hockey IQ here.

Mark Flood scores a few goals in his first few games and he is almost an all star on here. Flood was almost as scary as Jones on the ice for crying out loud. What I'm saying is there is a reason Hainsey and Antropov have been in the league for so long and AHL guys like Flood can show flash, but can't be relied on long term. They are solid, they're dependable, they're good.

People put a little too much emphasis on the contracts- signed while in Atlanta - earned by these two guys. Both guys earned these contracts on the heels of big years - good on them they earned it and were offered good money and signed. The Jets are not a team that has to worry about the cap, so for a few years while TrueNorth builds their own brand who cares about a few guys that might be making a million too much. They are quality players who make the Jets a better hockey team and to me that is all that matters.
While I agree with you wholeheartedly, I actually find it kind of funny that you are kind of hypocritical in the post. You are singing the praises of Hainsey (who I like and have no problem with on this roster) yet slam Jones in an offhand way.

Jones is a victim of this exact thing in a more widespread way. Yeah, he makes mistakes. He had some pretty heinous gaffes last year. However, when we were injured on D he also played extremely well in a fill in role. People expect WAY too much from a #7 defenceman. Wasn't he a plus 4 or something last year?

Anyway I don't want to get back into the Jones thing, I just found it funny is all.

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