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01-02-2013, 11:16 AM
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Smart move by PA's governor. Keep the story alive in the news and make sure that the tarnished reputation of the university remains tarnished for everybody to see by keeping their dirty laundry out in the open longer than it otherwise would. Oh wait, not a smart move.

The NCAA's a private institution and, as has been said, nobody's forcing Penn State to say. They can inflict punishments as they see fit as a result, and end result of this will almost assuredly be even more dirt getting out.

And well said by ixcuincle. The cult of personality/team surrounding Paterno and the football program is the reason why this mess got to where it is in the first place, where otherwise intelligent and accomplished individuals were willing to hide an active pedophile sexually assaulting children in the hopes that they could protect the team's image. For that reason alone, the NCAA was entirely in the right to drop the hammer on them, and should've inflicted stricter punishments, to send the message that some things are more important that sports. And I still stand by the claim that this punishment falls well within the confines of the NCAA's accepted and established nebulous "lack of institutional control" clause in punishing member institutions.

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