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01-02-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
So, assuming that a deal gets worked out and we get an abbreviated season, what are the holes in our current lineup and how do we go about plugging them?

D. Sedin(6.1) - H. Sedin(6.1) - Burrows(2)
Higgins(1.9) - Kesler(5) - Booth(4.25)
Raymond(2.5) - Lapierre(1) - Hansen(1.35)
Weise(.615) - Malhotra(2.5) - ????

Bieksa(4.6) - Hamhuis(4.5)
Edler(3.25) - Garrison(4.5)
Ballard(4.2) - Tanev(.900)


Total Salary Committed: $65,820,000

Now, I think I read somewhere that if the deal goes through without significant changes to the cap structure, that we would be looking at a cap of $67m, which would leave us some wiggle room at the very least. At least one (Kassian?), and possibly an additional extra forward are required to fill out the forward lines.

The other question mark is Ryan Kesler's status - he still hasn't been cleared to return as of the last reports, so one would think that he would start on the IR, giving us the benefit of some salary breathing room if we need to exceed the cap, but also opening up the question of who comes up in his place. (Jordan Schroeder would be the logical selection my mind)

Then of course, there is the Luongo situation which still needs to play out.

Are we still under 67M with Kassian in place of your question marks there? Starting the season with Schroeder in and Kesler out certainly relieves any cap issues.

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