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01-02-2013, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Around and around we go LL... Did not mention Gardiner or Reilly. The 1st is definitely there. Kadri is definitely there. If some combination with those two assets as the main pieces is not offered by Burke, he is a fool. Bar none.

You can talk about astonishing price this or premium that, but those are the assets, high or low, that will be key. That is not an astonishing return despite what leafs fans want to bandy about, nor is it gutting the leafs of all their futures.

As for the right time to make a move: It's when you suck and an opposing GM is gifting you an asset that is seldom if ever available. That's the right time. Or, you can wait for a mythical contention window that has a very good chance of never materializing... Burke's call there.
Find me a team that has finished as low as TO has recently that would deal you a 1st+ in this draft for Luongo. If EDM or the Jackets are willing, more power to them. But in a shortened season with a much lower cap a good possibility...good luck. I also find it funny that you feel a "combo" that consists of our 1st, our top NHL ready player and MORE not astonishing. Once again, it comes down to what a team can offer....not what Gillis wants. Yes, Gillis has Luongo, but there is no law which states Burke MUST trade for him.

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