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01-02-2013, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
He could never get an offensive coordinator to stay or work with him. The offense is a mess. They might as well trade Cutler and start over again.
Lovie had 4 OC's in his career with Chicago

Terry Shea 2004 = Lovie's choice ,, Absolute failure and relieved of job after 1 yr

Ron Turner 2005-09 = Lovie's buddy who was brought back to NFL after being fired by Illinois... Only 1 of his offenses wasn't bottom 3rd of league (2006 ,, It was average mid ranked)

Mike Martz 2010-11 = Lovie's BFF ,, Hired at moment that Lovie was facing termination if no results.. Martz got Cutler killed and alienated several players (Olsen especially) with his attitude

Mike Tice 2012 = Another of Lovie's friends ,, Guy sucks as OL coach and was just as bad as OC

Lovie hand picked all 4 of his OC's ,, He simply didn't understand how offense works and his hires all were miserable failures

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