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Thanks and I never knew they were ineligible for the ahl. Still don't completely understand why. I thought as long as they had an nhl or ahl contract signed for the year and they were 20 or older or had 4 years of juniors under their belt if under 20, that they were eligible.

Are they considered veterans where a team can ice only a certain amount of veterans in a game? Even then they would be allowed on the roster and at their ages I don't think they qualify for veteran status

Or would they have had to clear waivers and have to have been sent down by sept 15? Even then they could just sign ahl contracts as that's what Vancouver did with Steve pinizzatto. They didn't want to risk losing him on waivers so shortly after sept 15th he signed an ahl contract with our affiliate
The 20 yr old age factor only matters in relation to an agreement between the NHL & CHL but that agreement has expired if I have read correctly. And yes, it does matter if they have either an NHL or AHL contract signed. If they have an NHL 1-way contract, that means they dont have a contract to play in the AHL. If they have a 2-way contract, then yes they can play in the AHL. All 3 players are on 1-way deals (Matthias' contract was funny in that he signed a 2-way contract for last season but it was 1-way for this current season) so that would require them to sign a separate AHL contract.

And yes they would be considered veterans because of the number of professional games they have played (this includes both AHL & NHL games). Skille has played in 327 pro games, Matthias has appeared in 293 games, and Ellerby has played in 266 pro games so all 3 would be subject to the AHL's veteran rule.

Because all 3 are veterans on 1-way contracts, yes they would need to clear waivers to play in the AHL. Also they would need to sign PTOs (Professional Try Out) contracts to play in the AHL and those are generally limited in length as well. Not wanting to lose any of the above to waivers, I'm sure thats why the Panthers never wanted them in the AHL. Also, both Skille & Matthias signed overseas so that didnt hurt them since they would still be playing.

Just an FYI, but Pinizzatto does have a 2-way deal so he was allowed to go play in the AHL because he has both an NHL & AHL contract. Thats different than the above 3 players.

Florida did have 1 player in d-man Tyson Strachan signed to a 1-way deal and playing in the AHL. But he was put thru waivers and was able to sign a PTO to play with the Rampage during the lockout. Not sure how much longer his PTO is for but usually they are 25 game contracts. And he can only be signed to two 25 game contracts so that is a limitation on what teams can sign veterans players to. With the lockout possibly coming to an end within the next 2 weeks, we may not even see Strachan get a 2nd PTO contract.

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