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Originally Posted by Luvtowatch View Post
What teams will be either or?
Here is my view for the east

Barrie feels like they can take a run at it and does have enough depth that they could part with some young players with value. Fully expect them to go all out this year and be buyers.

Belleville has to do something as the core of their team will be gone next year plus have little in the reserve for next year; so after this year for them its back to the drawing board with rebuilding. This is their year, expect them to be buyers.

Ottawa is also likely to try and upgrade as they really do believe that the team is under performing -which they are- and maybe 1-2 trades could push them back into contention. Afterall the East is not a very though division to come out off. Buyers

Sudbury has to do something as they do not have the core of players to go very deep in the playoffs even with a few upgrades and their fans are becoming restless. In addition even if they opted to upgrade their team and go for it they have few decent young prospects for bait, therefore have little to offer. Expect at least 3, likley 4 veterans not to finish the year off in Sudbury. Sellers

Probably the most interesting team will be Niagara as I believe they might actually be sellers as they likely realize that they cannot win it all and are more concern about filling up the new arena once it is built than extending their current season. Plus they have the goods to attack an excellent offers from any serious contender. Sellers

As to the rest, would not be surprise to have Brampton shop around for interest in Percy has he could give them some good prospects for when they settle in North Bay next season.

Peterborough will also be sellers as they try to rebuiild their program. Currently I think their priority is to build a coaching staff and then have them find the right players.

Expect Oshawa to pretty much stay put as they have a team good enough to win maybe 1 or 2 playoff rounds which will be valuable for next year which they feel will be their year. Do not expect Kingston to do much either for same reason as Oshawa.

In the west I would expect London to buy a few players before the trade deadline-of which they already added 1 yesterday. Nothing new here.

Plymouth, Sarnia and Owen Sound will both try to beef up and place themsleves in a better position to go after London, however do not expect Owen Sound to give up anyone "Special" as they see themselves as a 2014 team not 2013

Kitchener likely to sell as they do not have the core to win it all and in Kitchener being a "middle of the pack" club is not good enough. They will be focusing on 2014.

Expect Sault Ste Marie to be sellers, as their new GM as made it clear that his mandate is to clean up the team and give them a start fresh. GM has already signed 96 Miller, Jenkins and Pastourious and would not be surprised if he tries to get them in the line up ASAP to have them gain valuable experience for next year. Dumping some veterans for 95-96 prospects and even draft picks would allow them to do this.

Windsor likely to dump their veterans to rebuild for the next few years as the draft is not about to help their cause for the next few years.

Guelph should do something as they have a fairly veteran team but are likely on the fence not sure whether to go for it or give in and rebuild. Both Saginaw and Erie have little to offer so don't expect much from them, but do expect Erie to be very active prior to 2013 draft, hint, hint .

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